I’m starting to think I need a BAE list because I realize I’m surrounded by so many phenomenal people. Shingi just joined Robtel on the BAE list.

Shingi was always one of those people I heard about in passing and saw that we had dozens of mutual friends but out paths never crossed. One random day, I stalked glanced at his FB profile and saw a post about a piece he had written, underneath that was a performance he had. Not too far below that post was another about his involvement at West Michigan Refugee Center that serves refugee students K-12. Yet again, I saw that he founded a nonprofit CLUBHOUSE International, which encourages positive growth and community involvement in impoverished communities .



Yes, I just glanced at his page.

Come to find out he is also an author and poet of not one, but two books. Meanwhile, it has taken me about 5 weeks to upload this current post. 😡 His first book Homeward Bound  chronicles love, self fulfillment, death, etc. The Mirage of Days Old is “the story of the intersection of an African childhood and American adulthood; a world at peace and a world at war; the love of life and the death of love.”


Now, as I write this. I question what it is I have done with my life? This Zimbabwean brother is poet, and author, grad student, and nonprofit executive. I on the other hand wear pants on really good days and maybe call my mother for 40 seconds to make sure she’s alive and well. My first instinct when injustice occurs is “Tear shit up!” Shingi is more “let’s analyze the symptoms of what is a larger disease (insert other afrocentic/pan-African enlightening phrases with unpronounceable words here).” He is currently pursuing his grad program and on a research trip in South Africa. Last month, he gave a speech on Africa Unity day, that he promptly sent to me to post but your girl took her sweet time getting to it.


When you get a chance, check out his work on Rogue Scholars Society and support his books.


S.N.: I really need an acronym for BAE.  Black And Educated? Black and Engaged? Think on it.

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