Why it’s so difficult to say her name – Sandra Bland

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Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland, a Black woman from Illinois, was pulled over, arrested, and later died in prison. Most of us already know this story.  Many of us are sharing articles with #SandraBland #SayHerName #JusticeForSandy and I am SO relieved that her family SUPPORT the movement for justice for their family.  Her family REFUSES to sit by and let this injustice slip by without a fight.

Sandra Bland knew her rights as a citizen, and she knew that she was being treated unfairly.  There are so many “critics” that say she was rude and disrespectful to the officer.  No! The officer was threatened by a BLACK WOMAN who knew her rights and called him out on it.  His need to feel superior and dominate is the reason she was assaulted.  Her standing up for herself as a citizen hurt his “manhood.”  Her beauty as a Black woman threatened his superiority complex.  She was right and he was wrong, and he could not handle it.  He lost it, and she saw exactly what was going on.  This is why she said she would fight him in court.  She was smart! She was physically assaulted because she knew her rights? How does this sound?

Sandra Bland LITERALLY could have been any of us.  Any of us Black women who know our rights and refuse to let people walk over us because they are trying to prove themselves.  This is why it’s so hard to say her name.

It’s so hard to say her name because I see myself in her.  I see a woman in Student Affairs who forgets to use her turn signal sometimes. I see a woman who will not bow down to injustice. I see woman who knows her rights. I see a woman who stands in solidarity with her fellow sisters and brothers.  I see a woman who I would have wanted to mentor me. I see beauty.

It’s so hard to say her name, but I will yell SANDRA BLAND! I will continue to fight for her and for justice.  I will yell SANDRA BLAND so that no one forgets her.  I will yell SANDRA BLAND because Black women should NOT feel like they need to be inferior to survive. I will yell SANDRA BLAND because she is a symbol of strength! I will yell SANDRA BLAND!

Although it physically hurts me to reflect on the way SANDRA BLAND was treated, I can never forget.  Although my stomach literally begins to ache when I think of the pain and suffering she went through, I must continue to fight for her and with her.

I love you my sister and I will never forget SANDRA BLAND.whathappenedtosandrabland

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