Different Types Of Support And Why They Matter More

Whenever we endeavor on a new adventure, it feels nice to have the support we desire. That’s important; it’s human.

As a business owner, when asked what I need for my business, my reflex is to say “support.” In retrospect, most times it meant I needed money. Over the years, as I matured more in life and in business, I realized that was unwise and often not the case. The mistake a lot of people make is assuming that support only has to be one type, which is usually monetary support. I know, I used think the same way; I was just starting out. Over the last couple of years ,I have come to realize that they’re different types of supports for a young business owner that are sometimes more valuable and impactful than being financial support. The real sauce is in the intangible support, the type of support you can’t physically touch or count. So, I compiled a list of some of the most important supporters I’ve been privileged to come across, the ones that have proven to matter the most.

  1. Time. This is probably the most important, and most genuine thing. Our support system and network have a lot going on in their lives, and if they consider you important enough to share time with you – it is literally priceless. Time isn’t a renewable resource; time is finite.
  2. Moral/Mental support. This includes a listening ear. This is calling a friend up in the middle of the night because you are frustrated. The dinner date. These things matter. They make us whole.
  3. Resources: this includes friends pointing you in the direction of good resources.
  4. Referrals. I cannot tell you the number of my friends that have shared, or introduced me to new people.
  5. Spiritual. This is self explanatory.

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