A Solid Circle of Support system makes a difference

A solid circle really makes a difference. People can be allies and well intentioned.

“Do you – You owe nobody anything”(This is probably my least fave quote). These quotes are littered in our daily lifestyles that it inherently encourages distrust of others. 

A cynical part of me believes this; I guess knowing the risk of being truly human can’t be denied. But the more optimistic, peaceful version of myself took the point here. 

Over the last few years, the ONLY thing that has single handedly sustained me has been my internal community of support. Most of whom are not related by blood. These are people who have always operated in godly principles that didn’t waver with the promise of an outcome. These people genuinely disprove that others can’t be well intentioned. 

These folks make up the team that’s positively changed the trajectory of my life. So, I believe everyone can be part of, and reap the benefits of a solid circle. These are the people that manage to give you just a little bit of energy to keep going. The inspirational folks. The funny ones. The counselors. The prayer warriors. The advocates. The peace makers. The instigators and mercenaries. Many embody more than one of these traits. But they are all tied by the same – solid, unwavering, principled. They truly root for you and are well intentioned. These people make the pursuit of peace less burdensome, more enjoyable; more rewarding. 

In-between finding these people – the task becomes discerning who the right people are to trust – and with what. but once you get a support system, whatever it is – do not abuse the privilege. 

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