I am going to punch something. I WANT TO PUNCH SOMEONE, but my face will not look good in prison orange. Let me give you a simple and short description of my roommates from hell: over-privileged, spoiled sorority brats. My fault for going in blind.

Within the first week of living here, they had several people over past 2 am EVERY SINGLE DAMN NIGHT!  But it just gets better. They have had a party on a MONDAY NIGHT – during school!! Where they do that at?


Almost every weekend, there HAS to be some sort of party/kick-back going on, and our house is apparently where it is at. The ONE TIME I bring about 8 people over for less than 30 minutes, they call the cops. THE ONE TIME!

Right now, as I write, they have at least 20 people over screaming, stomping, and dancing to Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. My evil sense are tingling right now. every single one of them upstairs is underage and DRUNK. I oughta call the cops right about now and watch them get handed MIPs.


If you are gonna be obnoxious, at least play some good music and FOH with that Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus shit. Because you know good and well this is how they are dancing up there right now, which hurts my soul.

white girl dance

I have asked at least 6 times for the noise to be turned down, either they don’t give a damn, or they are just trying to piss me off. Either way.



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