Y’all, I hate the word “bae”. BUT I am pretty sure I just found “bae,” and her name is Robtel Neajai Pailey. I came across a video of her putting this obviously sheltered broadcaster and “campaigner” – because she’s only campaigning vacuousness at this point, in her place.

Basically, Band Aid 30 released a video celebrating the 30th anniversary of its save Africa campaign or whatever; but this time it was to raise money for Ebola. Now Robtel, who is bae, wasn’t having any of that nonsense.

She held back nothing! Talking ’bout Africa doesn’t need a quick fix song that raises money nobody knows where its going. Africa does not need a quick fix, we need structural change! And one of the best ways for that to happen is for Western countries to change how they confine African governments with their policies!


Now this “campaigner” feels all kinds entitled to chime in and express her unsolicited 2 cents. Saying “any of us can’t watch all these terrible pictures coming out of Africa and not wish to do anything” and “this song is put together because they care.” Robtel ain’t having NONE of this imprudent pasta this woman is trying to serve her.

Now here’s the part where it gets to me, and Robtel, being my spirit animal, speaks the words my heart is feeling. These are the lyrics to this rubbish of a song, and I am NOT making this up.

“WHERE A kiss of love can kill you,”

excuse me. Rhodaradar.com

“Where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears” (from the original version) was replaced with “where a kiss of love can kill you and there’s death in every tear.”\

“No peace and joy this Christmas in West Africa. The only hope they’ll have is being alive”.


Excuse me ma’am, but you think THIS is “put together because they care”?! Then when Robtel tries to call her out on her referring to Africa as a country, she try to be slick asking “So you don’t care about those countries that are separate?” then has the nerve to ask “So what would you like me to do?” You would think that was it for her, wouldn’t you? But yet again, she proves her chill is permanently out of order – “Because this country particularly responds to songs like Band Aid. Lets not ask the Brits to send millions of pounds to help your country and other African countries.”


No no . Rhodadarar.com

Now, see, this is where I knew me and Robtel go together like Jollof rice. She said “MY COUNTRY DOESN’T NEED SAVING!” 


What Africans hate more than basic ignorance is people talking about Africa like its a dying animal. What Africans hate more than that is Oyinbo people who think they know what’s best for the entire “country of Africyasss. rhodaradar.coma.” Countries in Africa have the potential to shatter any and every current standing so called economic power. We just need the chance. We need to be seen AND treated as well-abled entities instead of the charity and pity that we’ve been burdened with by Western, self proclaimed “saviours.” This is NOT to say that some countries in Africa, just like the rest of the world, do not need help; but there is a fine line between assistance and dominance. And that is just what people need to understand. Africa is a rich and mighty continent, with enough wealth to have made all these “powers that be” what they are. With proper nurturing, we can tap into our strengths and build an unbreakable economic fortress.  We do not need saving. 





robtel replies. RhodaRadar.com

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