Mrs. Jonathan Needs Her Own Show

Patience Jonathan, aka Mrs. Jonathan aka Mrs. Goodluck Jonathan NEEDS her very own show. I will pay good money to watch her as a talk show host. It should be called something like “Wetin Dey Happen?” (This is pidgin for “What is Happening?”).

She is first lady of no damns given whatsoever! She doesn’t even PRETEND to give a damn.  I can picture her being the kind of show hostess that asks the questions everyone is thinking but not bold enough to say.

Mrs. Jonathan is the current-but-almost-expired first lady of Nigeria. As I am sure you have heard, thanks to self-proclaimed social media journalists, Goodluck Jonathan lost the Nigerian election to his rival Muhammadu Buhari, trending the hashtag #NigeriaDecides. This is actually a big deal because Goodluck Jonathan is the very first incumbent to lose the presidential seat since Nigeria’s Independence.

During the campaign, Mrs. Jonathan said about Buhari “Wetin him dey find again? Him dey drag with him pikin mate! Old man wey no get brain, him brain don die pata pata.” This loosely translates to “What can he find again? He is running with his kid’s classmate! Old man with no brain, his brain is totally dead.” First lady of Nigeria ladies and Gentlemen!! She took no curves, shortcuts, or bended roads, she went straight to her point.

Imagine Michelle Obama saying something similar about McCain’s campaign. Republicans will lose what little hair left on their bald heads! Yet still, Mrs. Jonathan gained followers from her unconventional speeches.

Here is one of her most recent speech rallies prior to the election. If you do not understand Pidgin, parts of it might be difficult for you, but you will get the main point: Mrs. Jonathan cannot be bothered. This is why she needs her own show.

A friend of mine sent me this video, of which I don’t know its authenticity. But after watching Mrs. Johnathan in several other videos, I can’t say the possibility isn’t real.

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