MOM – My Only Mentor

I hear people talk about their mentors and I’m pretty sure my mom is my only true mentor. I search for guidance among several people, but I’m yet to have a mentor who isn’t my mother.

My mom embodies everything I could ever hope to be. In fact, if I actually turn out like my mom, my current self will not be very happy. At All. That would mean:

  • I would have to show kindness to everyone, no matter how much I disagree with them or dislike them.
  • I would have to love God unconditionally, despite my personal tribulations.
  • I would have to love my husband, even when I question my choices.

  • I would have to act with integrity at ALL times – with myself and others, whether I’m being watched or in the privacy of my own.
  • I would have to raise my kids, maintain a job, have several leadership roles, and still make time for everyone but myself.
  • I would have to be willing to stay behind the scenes, even when I am past due to be in the spotlight.
  • I would have to put my dreams on hold for those whom I love dearly, even if  that means I would have to live a life constantly full of regrets.
  • I would have to be alright with having my entire life uprooted just to ensure my children have a better shot at life.
  • I would have to give selflessly, even if that means using my last time on everyone but myself.
  • I would have to be the calm in the midst of the storm.
  • I would have to ALWAYS take the high road when provoked.
  • I would have to hold my tongue and wrath when my kids push me, not to the wall, but past the wall.


  • I would have to laugh until I cry.
  • I would never use my position, age, experience, or qualifications as an excuse to not learn from others.
  • I would have to constantly sacrifice my happiness.

My mom is a straight up G. Forever my prototype for who I’m supposed to be. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there making the world a better place.

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