Pray 4 Kenya – Why Garissa Attack Angers Me


I’m sure by now, most people with access to at least one social media or television has heard about the tragic events that unfolded at Garissa University College in Kenya.

The basic details of what happened that lead to about 150 fatal deaths is this: Al Shabaab, an extremist militant group took around 700 students, released those who identified as Muslim and killed those who identified as Christian. Once this news hit social media and news outlets, hashtags such as #PrayForKenya, #Garissa #147NotJustANumber took over timelines.

Now, I came here to rant, as usual. Several things about the reporting of the events continued to get under my skin!! From the way the media is reporting the event with what feels like too much excitement to the blatant dehumanization of the victims, which is the biggest problem I have.

All over my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram timeline, every other post is says something along the lines of #PrayForKenya, which is great. BUT underneath these headlines were gruesome pictures of the victims saturated in a pool of their own blood! The VICTIMS, not the terrorists! 

Imagine families having to hear their loved ones are part of the victims, and then have to see the gruesome details being paraded around the internet without a second thought for the dignity of the souls meant to be resting in peace. It hurts my soul.

More than, it angers my spirit! I tried to do a little digging to see how the attacks in Paris were reported by the media. *Cue straight uproar*. Granted, the scale of casualties are greatly different, but it has the same plot: extremists take over, terrorize masses in order to send a message. The reporting of the Paris attacks were reported with a certain degree of humanity. Not ONCE, did a see a lifeless body of victims of the paraded around.

Even more, the uproar over #WalterScott, a black man shot by a police officer caught on video was all over the internet. I still haven’t seen the video, a conscious decision I made. I have seen still photos just scrolling down my timeline, but not the video. I refuse to see a my black brother in situations like that. My heart cannot take any more.

Fam, please be mindful of the images you share. Garissa is just one of very many examples of dehumanization of a diaspora. I strongly believe we are each other’s keepers and if we don’t do it for ourselves, I know damn well others won’t do it for us.

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