Happy New Year! – What This Year Represents For Me

First of all, Happy New year!! I’m so excited for everything the next 12 months hold in store; hopefully full with discipline and courage.

I haven’t fully sat down to lay write out my 2019 goals, mostly because I’ve been overwhelmed with all I could do, what I should do, and what I really should’ve already been prioritizing. But I do know two words I would like to be guided by: discipline, and courage.


Discipline is and has been one of my hardest things to master. If I feel like I would rather do something else, I completely would. That’s not the way to do it…. apparently. For me, discipline looks like going to bed at the same time most nights, even if I REALLY want to stay up and work on something else or watch an extra episode of whatever show I’m binge watching at the moment; it also looks like waking up at on time even if I would rather snuggle my pillow a little longer. Discipline means working out even if I don’t want to; it means saying “no” even if I want to say yes. Showing discipline in my businesses means being on top of my schedule no matter what, this means writing more consistently, even if I think I have nothing to write about; it means consistently doing one of the things I dislike – posting on social media(I’m a professional lurker). I think one of the hardest things for me to be disciplined on is my spending habits, especially when it comes to food; I would rather spend hundreds on groceries vs splurge on an $18 top.


Most people close to me would describe me as courageous. I personally think there is a lot more things I could exercise more courage on. This looks like apologizing more when I am wrong(I’m pretty hard headed); it looks like standing up to pretty opinionated family members even in my discomfort; looks like taking a step to share my thoughts even if they go against the traditional grain. Courage looks like actively unlearning a lot of toxic behaviors I’ve picked up along the way, both consciously and unconsciously; it means being completely transparent and intentional with therapy. It means speaking up for others who don’t have the voice to. It means opening myself up to deeper connections with my friends and be willing to ask and accept help and love when offered. This means courage to be honest with myself and pursue my goals in the face of fear.

So. It’s January 1st, 2019. Let’s get this.

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