#DumsorMustStop, Now What?

All Ghanaians probably heard about the Twitter movement started by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson, backed by my future ex-husband Sarkodie and one other almost relevant celeb I can’t remember. The entire gist of how this “movement” came about when Yvonne went on BBC to talk about the energy crisis in Ghana. Long story short, social media caught wind of an “elite” fed up with the government and decided to run with it. Amidst all the hype of #DumsorMustStop, Yvonne and co decided to hold a vigil(protest) May 16th to send a message to the government about a problem that has been affecting  citizens middle class and below for decades; but suddenly a hot topic when the big ups of the country get a taste. Of course, a plethora of people showed up to this vigil, some undoubtedly with misguided perceptions of meeting the stars (who were surrounded by an impenetrable wall of personal body guards, security, and police officers).

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More power to the people. I’m all for activism, social, and political accountability, but now what? The hyped up vigil with stars and hilarious graphic designs is over. The energy crisis still continues. The stars have probably returned to their generator powered homes and/or flown to a country with consistent electricity. Not a single post down my Facebook timeline has said anything about the energy crisis other than naming the stars that were present and what they were wearing and several front page headlines focusing more on Yvonne Nelson and her associates than the actual movement.


What is actually being done to hold the government accountable? Are there petitions being signed, not only the local government, but to neighbouring countries, African Union, etc.? If the government was able to forage electricity so the country could watch the African Cup of Nations, they can probably summon half the will to at least power more than a few hospitals and schools. Of course, it is politics and nothing is ever what it seems. But to be honest, I am sick and tired of this blind trust and following of the government. Just because an elder says something, does not make it a fact. We as a nation, can walk all protests throughout the nation until our feet grow more pairs, but it won’t do a damn thing because why are we really marching if the Big Man remains unchanged? I GOT QUESTIONS!!

I give some props to Yvonne Nelson, my main babes (Sarkodie), and all those who participated in #DumsorMustStop. But the real change should start now. The masses are involved, we just need to run wild enough to bring change.

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