The Messed up Truth about the Charleston Shooting

This kind of shit pisses me the fuck off! Sorry, not sorry for the language. Deal with it because there’ll probably be a lot more coming up.

Who in their right damn minds SHOOTS UP A CHURCH?! Even people not in their right minds don’t SHOOT UP A CHURCH!! Churches(and other religious buildings) and Children are abso-damn-lutely off-limits! What kind of demon just up and decides “Its a lovely day to kill some blacks up in this church?” WHO?!?

This is the Charleston Shooting in a nutshell: historically Black church welcomes white man to join them in worship and Bible story and he shoots them up. This is also American History 101.

Don’t even get me started on how white media is reporting the #charlestonshooting

Y’all see my point? This blatant act of domestic hate terrorism is being reported as vaguely as possible. We all know damn well all it would take for black or Muslim to be front page news would just be their religion or race. Yeah, I said it. This is TERRORISM.
Let me refresh my browser and find some fucking story talking about the shooter(Dylann Storm) is “troubled” or “Neighbours say he was a great person, no one saw it coming” “shooter suffered with mental illness.” Because in the great land of freedom and equality, when people of color or Islamic faith aren’t concerned, they’re Innocent until not guilty by reason of insanity #FOH Keep in mind that a FULL DESCRIPTION of Dylan Storm has been released to the press but his race is NOT MENTIONED!
And all over my timeline I see #PrayforCharleston or “keep everyone in your prayers during this Charleston Shooting.
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Yeah, I said a prayer for the lives of the departed and their families. But best believe I am not JUST praying to without attempting to get shit done. Because right now, I am at the corner of “Fuck shit up” and “I’m moving back to my country.”  My friend Jakia summed it up in her Facebook status:
“We learned about Driving While Black. For those who don’t know, it’s when you drive a car and are of African descent. Because of your background you are more likely to be pulled over by the police for no reason. Let me tell you what else you shouldn’t do while Black…play on the playground with classmates, go to the gas station, ask a neighbor for help, walk down the street, Go swimming, be Christian in a Christian dominate environment, Go to church, breathe, talk, have natural hair, have any other hairstyle, be a woman, be a man, be transgender, be gay, be straight, be bisexual, be lesbian, be human. Did I miss anything?”
Then there was this ass.
I cannot literally construct any sentence to explain what I felt when I read this post that he later deleted with some wimp ass explanation of it was a joke. Sir, you are part of the problem. Emoji’s exist for a fucking reason.
I can’t even anymore. I’m tired. My soul is weary.

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