CAI: No I Will NOT Send You Money

Chronicles of an African Immigrant

What is it about people back home that makes them feel entitled to our hard earned money? I have had some friends(?) I haven’t spoken with in years, but within the first 10 minutes of reconnecting they ask me to send them money.


It is not just friends, a lot of family members that hardly call you or check up on you suddenly know how to track you down to ask for money? The boldness!

The perception that those of us that live in Europe or the US are so well off that We can drop money at the word “go” is absurd!

Can you imagine? A broke student like me being asked to send money for, get this -an iPhone! I would hang up, but because I can’t disrespect an elder like that, I now have to come up with diplomatic white lies for “no.” When really, all I want to say is “Who are you?” “Where Did you come from?” “How can you ask me for money When it’s convenient to you but tell me I’m a child When I have an opinion you don’t agree with?” “Do you know How much Im struggling to pay rent, utilities, and food, let alone send you money?” “Did you even ask how I am doing and How I’m coping with school?”


Don’t get me wrong, I’m the farthest thing from greedy. But there remains a difference between family and family. For those I have a close bond with, I will borrow from elsewhere If it means satisfying a need. Because I know them and they know me. We go together. But When others feel entitled, that’s where I draw the line.

I know I’m not the only African immigrant that can relate. What are some of your stories?


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