Bisa Kdei- Where You Been?!

Treat me like one of yours
Fa me s3 wonua bi ne me(Take me as your sibling)
Nti 3y3 a me fom wo a faky3 me(So if I upset you, forgive me)
Cuz me nni bad intension, against you(Because I don’t have bad intentions against you)
Nti me fom wo a correct me(So if I upset you, correct me)
Yi wakoma mu na bua me 3(look within your heard and help me)
Na wohu s3 me ho aba asem a(If you see me in trouble)
Dont turn your back on me na wonua ne me ee wai(Don’t turn your back on me because we’re family)
Do me like i do to you
Treat me the way you want me to treat you
Cuz i could be one of yours

“WHO IS THIS?!” Those were the first words I ever heard from Bisa Kdei. It was exactly a year ago this month. I was randomly listening another Ghanaian songstress I love(Efya) and Bisa happened to be featured on it. efya and bisa kdei.

From the very beginning; the slow old-school rhythm of the beat, unconsciously prompting a groove.Simple, but very unique. The base of the beat was one I’d heard and grown up with in shcool  I was a slave to the beat. Then Efya started singing the first 4 lines and I was hooked!

The words you say hurt me so much
Ahye me nso 3nhy3 me mu that much(It hurt me, but I didn’t dwell on it too much)

3nky3 na nipa ho afono nipa(Doesn’t take long to get irritated with others)
I no dey border too much, but(I don’t worry about that too much)
Menso me w) feelins bi(But I also have feelings)
3nti woy3 made3 a m3te me mu(So if you offend me, I’ll feel hurt)
So menp3s3 mede woho abufuo b3hy3 me mu(But I don’t want my anger towards you to dwell in me)


WHAT!?! Those were the very first lines I heard. I was seduced to the song like no other! I think that’s greatly because I had lost a couple of people close to me and I was finally realizing life was just too short to live begrudged. Don’t even get me started on some African musicians with tracks full of autotune and no talent. But hey, as long as you got the money for a studio session and semi-acceptable looks, why not put out an album right? WRONG.  Bisa stole my heart from his single verse. I suddenly turned into an investigator looking to find out EVERYTHING I could about this Bisa Kdei person. He was rare. He was pretty damn good. He was just a packaged deal I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

hell yess.

Bisa was just soo raw and I fell in love with his music the more I got to know of him. His unfiltered talent brought back the Ghanaian hi-life music groove I loved so dearly when I was in school. His beats throughout most of his songs are consistent, but somehow, they are very different. They ALL have meaning. I especially appreciate his authenticity and willingness to showcase his talent through his culture and language.  Can I also shout him out for being a fine babe, no pimple? Well-groomed, fine mister with a voice! LAWD! Take me now.

Come to find out he has partnered up with other artists I listen to often. Here’s the thing though: even though these artists, such as Sarkodie, had their own style, Bisa’s trademark completely changes the track. Man! Is he good! I’m telling you now, if I ever am fortunate enough to meet him or attend one of his concerts? I DON DIE FINISH!

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