So we’re two months into the year already. I don’t know about you, but I have forgotten half the stuff that I said I was going to do this year.

I learnt a few tips about being SMART when trying to set goals.


Chillleeee. I struggle with this. My mind is usually going in 50 million directions when it comes to ideas, both business and personal. But apparently, that’s not what we’re supposed to be doing. The smart thing to do is to make the goal specific. Something that we can always have in our minds-eye, and not jumbled among the remaining 100 we want to do. A smart goal is specific in outlining what you would like to accomplish.


This one is something I usually practice; it is also a question I often ask clients I have assisted. How do you know you have met your goal? What indicator will you look for to know that you need to abandon your current goal because achieving it isn’t realistic? Setting a measurable goal is smart because it sets guidelines that will be able to indicate when a goal is achieved or needs to be evaluated.


So this is a trap I fell into when I first started out with Delasie. I kept hearing a lot of ideas and directions I could take the company, so I decided to do it all. How many did I actually end up succeeding in? Z-E-R-O. Clearly that wasn’t smart – at all. We, myself especially, need to be realistic. Are your goals attainable?


When setting a goal, the smart thing to do is to make sure it could satisfy more than one thing in your life or business. For example, you want to exercise more. This is relevant because exercise affects more than one aspect of our lives(mind, body, soul); it’s smart. You want to increase monthly revenue in your business. That is relevant because more money means more opportunity to grow and invest more into your business; it’s smart.


Whew. The way this one hit home!!!! Because I’m trying to lose 50 pounds in the next month, which is neither attainable or relevant. The time definitely isn’t smart. To see if your goal is timely, it should be set within a realistic time frame, with a hard deadline (and accountability).

My SMART Business Goal

I would like to share with you a SMART business goal.
Goal: I intend on growing my business

  • Specific: I want to sign on 2 new clients each month for my consulting program, and
  • Measurable: I need an additional 30 new downloads for Profitable Guide; and, an additional 30 new subscribers. I will be able to measure how many clients from my subscribers and downloads.
  • Attainable: I will share at least one post a day where I am inviting others to subscribe, download my free guide, and/or visit my website.
  • Relevant: Adding more clients will increase my credibility; it will allow me to increase my monthly revenue that can continue to grow my business; and, adding more clients will increase the impact of my program.
  • Timely: My business will sign on 2 new clients every month and my email list and downloads will grow by 30 subscribers each month.

How are you going to be smart in the goals you set?

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