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So – who am I? I am a young Ghanaian woman, living in the United States with big dreams. I graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems. While in school, I started a fashion business, Delasie, that created clothing and accessories with meaningful designs. I won some awards for it, excelled at it, and in some ways, continue to. Delasie opened doors I never imagined I would even have as an option. All while I was an undergrad in college.

Sounds like I got it all figured out, right? Well, not exactly. Throughout my academia, and entrepreneurship, I couldn’t help but feel this isn’t the height of my potential. I love working with my clients and making clothes. But another thing Delasie taught me was how to identify times when I felt aligned with my purpose and passion to create an impact. It was so contagious I couldn’t ignore it if I tried.

It all started with one person, who to this day I still haven’t met in person, but still keep in touch with We engaged with each other on Instagram, and one day she shared her vision of starting a business. She just couldn’t seem to find anyone who genuinely wanted to help her. So for the next couple months, we used our Sunday nights to help make her as she saw fit. Few things in my life ever gave me the fulfillment I experienced, and I quickly realized those times in the past that I did find fulfillment, centered around helping others. I felt…complete.
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Hobbies: Food, Travel, podcasts, personality tests, comics

Birthday:  January 17

Nationality:  Ghanaian

Current Location:   Michigan, USA

Fashion Business:  Delasie

Personality Type:  ENFP, ISCD

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I’ve always loved telling stories; through clothes, words, music, etc. The common theme in each of these creative outlets: sharing my culture. See, for the early stages of my life, I shied away from my roots – I was so consumed by the negative energy that accompanied Africans that I cowered in shame. Thankfully, I snapped out of that real quick! Ever since, I have spent most of my life hungrily chasing stories and lessons that still need to be shared.


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My clients say
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Jakia M.
Founder & CEO

Rhoda is an exceptional business woman who has been critical to my small business’s success. When I started my jewelry business, I thought I knew what it took to be successful. I met with mentors and had a set plan. This plan quickly dissolved, and I thought I would lose my investments and have to close my business. I contacted Rhoda, and within two months, my business was booming. Now, we are operating all over the U.S. and even in South America. Her ingenuity and knowledge saved me, and I will forever be grateful.

Raymond O.
Creo Concepts Gh.
Founder & CEO

Rhoda over the years has become much more to me than a business best friend. It all started with her reaching out to my company Creo Concepts for some branding needs. It was through working with Rhoda that I quickly noticed and her natural instincts for business. Rhoda has been nothing short of miraculous in helping me navigate through challenges that include, staff motivation, profitability, growth potential and many more integral areas of business while building and running Creo concepts. Rhoda has a knack for giving expert business advice and will stop at nothing to assist in whatever way she can. As long as I breathe, I’ll always feel indebted to Rhoda for her consistent input into my career and growth of my company.

Devan J

Ordered a skirt from Rhoda, and she did an exceptional job of designing it! The pattern was bright and fun, and the fit was perfect. I gave her my wrong waist measurement, and she knew right away, before making the skirt, that my measurement was off. Rhoda is so talented!

Hanna M

Rhoda created a top for me and it is spectacular. It fits perfectly, is comfortable and vibrant, and I always get a slew of compliments when I wear it.

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