My Story

The name is Rhoda, of course). I study Computer Science and Information Systems, with an emphasis in business. Making people feel better is my life’s mission statement. Beyond passionate about my birth continent, Africa, my life’s work is to help change the negative connotation associated with the continent and her people. I own a clothing brand, Delasie. Check it out!

The awards and recognitions I have earned remain a sitcom in my head, hopefully not for too long. 🙂

A few of my values/thoughts as you get to know more about me:

  • I believe everyone should laugh at least once a day; even if just a chuckle.
  • At least one complement a day to someone you don’t know.
  • Africa is not where is should be; it is a wealthy continent being raped of its resources
  • Some families are made by bond, not blood.
  • Kids make the world go round.
  • Citizens need to step up and demand more from leaders.
  • Education is powerful, if intrinsic motivation leads first.
  • Talent is never enough.

All you need to know about me: Random. Impulsive. Kind-hearted. Fiercely passionate about those whom I love and my continent. In search of something, don’t know what yet. Until then, I write. Unapologetically.

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How I Got Here

My biggest passion will remain with my home continent and everything it every stands for. My parents always called me a trouble maker who liked questioning authority and coming up with innovative ways to make money. My sadness for the exploitation of our continent remains to be my biggest driving force in exploring and exposing the world to its beauty and potential. Because of this… I write, unapologetically.


I’m Ghanaian, obviously. #GhanaJollof always and forever.

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I own and run a clothing company, Delasie, which means “The saviour has heard me.” Be sure to check it out here!

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