Action=Best Cure. My Personal ABC

I’m no stranger to anxiety. The worst side effect of overthinking and perfectionism is a lack of execution. Worrying about everything that could go wrong, when taking action is the only way to confirm an outcome. Action is a policy I’m trying to interject whenever worry and anxiety crops up.

Action = Best Cure*

All my worry driven scenarios can be remedied by action. Taking action gets me the outcome worry, perfectionism, and anxiety could not.

  • Worried about an answer? Ask to know the next step
  • Scared of unemployment? Apply to one more posting. Reach out to one more client.
  • Worried about a sale landing? map and follow through on a strategy
  • Anxious about a test? Prepare
  • Curious about how that person feels about you? Ask

There will always be a reason not to take action, I am be queen of the most convenient excuses when I need them because life always happens. There will always be an excuse not to execute. I just decided that I am going to use obstacles as opportunities. Because goals are worthless without action; that would be what we might call dreams. Action is always the best cure.

Sometimes, the best action is rest,/ 

*Personal observation. This is by no means a fact. Try at your own risk.

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