Lessons I've learnt from: the business I started and failed, the business I started and (continue to) excelled at, and the new business I started.
Immigrant Chronicles
A Ghanaian-born living in America. It's as adventurous as it sounds trying to gather my bearings on my place and purpose outside of home.
Self Care
I have failed at this the most, but learnt the best from learning how to train my mind to care for me. Here are some tips that have helped me, and lessons I am currently a student of.

What I Love Doing


I’m always hesitant to call myself a writer because I can only write about things I REALLY care about. Luckily, there are a lot of things that peak my interest. 


Being a connector remains a great super power of mine – of people, projects, and goals.


If I can write about it, I can talk about it even better. I’m an expert in speaking on business, my journey with mental health, and life as an immigrant.


When born with an audacious spirit and a fierce spirit for what’s right, it only makes sense to speak truth to power. I advocate for mental health awareness, maternal/child health, and the arts.

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